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Μηχάνημα κοπής Laser

Rama SA is active in designing and producing a wide range of end-to-end manufactured metal products,  and in metal constructions  and sheet metal work fabrications  for many industry sectors and for buildings metal cladding .

Rama has a highly qualified technical staff , 40 years of experience and technical expertise, and  a state-of-the-art metal fabrication equipment . The company  is housed in a privately-owned industrial building of 3000 sq.m. , located in Inofyta , that enables them to fabricate almost any type and size of metal structure and product .


  • A Laser cutting machine with Fiber Optics Technology of 3KW Power for cutting metal sheets and tubes and A Laser cutting machine with CO2 Technology of 2.5KW Powerfor cutting metal sheets

  • Trumph Punching Machine for processing of metal sheets up to 6.5mm thickness .

  • Water jet cutting machine . It can cut materials up to 100mm thick .

  • Electrostatic Powder coating facility with roboting powder coating cabins and phosphating/degreasing baths to clean and precondition metal parts .

  • Other Fabrication and Forming machines:

    CNC Pressbrakes for fast and precision bending , CNC shears , bending/forming machines , welding machines for all types of metal , and various other cutting , forming and finishing machines .

LASER GWEIKE Fiber Optics Technology with 3KW Power

Trumph Punching Machine

Μηχάνημα κοπής ελασμάτων Punching Trumph

Electrostatic Powder coating facility

Συγκρότημα ηλεκτροστατικής βαφής

CNC Pressbrakes



  • Laser cutting

  • Punching

  • Bending/ forming

  • Electrostatic powder coating

  • Metal welding


Our experienced team of engineers undertake 3D -CAD design and development of integrated constructions, metal parts and finished products  to the customer’s requirements and specifications.

Τμήμα σχεδιασμού


  • Special constructions and accessories made of stainless steel, brass, steel and other metals , for Shop Interior (equipment – furniture and decoration for retail shops) .

  • Stands , signs , sign frames , columns , for advertising purposes .

  • Metal canopies , pillars and other steel structures for fuel stations .

  • Metal parts and integrated products for development and manufacturing of telecommunication systems .

  • Building metal cladding constructions and certified integrated marble fixing systems .

  • Steel and Stainless steel canopies for bus stations and other sites .

  • Stairs and Railings made of Stainless steel , steel and brass .

  • Special lighting fixtures , for hotels , shopping malls and industrial sites .

  • Metal products and constructions for a wide range of applications .

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